Easy collaboration

TowTruck is a very cool service that makes it surprisingly easy to collaborate in real-time. Just link a javascript file into your page and you have instant real-time co-browsing. 

Even has voice chat integrated. 

really nice overview of vertx push programming. 

Zen Coding

So much more productive after mastering Zen Coding in WebStorm

There are really nice default templates for HTML, CSS, XSL, and even some client-side frameworks like AngularJS.

Additionally by creating some of my own Live Templates most pages are created without much work.

Algorithms that design structures better than engineers



(200px tall x 600px wide beam supported on the left hand edge and with downward force applied to the bottom right.)

You are watching an optimisation algorithm come up with the best design completely automatically. The outcome is greatest stiffness shape possible for a given amount of material. And amazingly it’s a nuanced truss that isn’t far removed from the look of most motorway bridges. That’s pretty reassuring, actually.

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Web Apps from SpringSource

Nice webinar just finished about some javascript projects from SpringSource team.

Talked about Node.JS usage too. This stuff is coming to the Enterprise quickly…

The three stages of traction for social media sites are sign-up, first use, and ongoing engagement
How to Design for Social Traction (via feedly)
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